Pet Mods

no pet destruction: Disables the "scratch/chew" interaction on furniture so pets won't go around destroying them.

puppies, kittens, and spectral cats can use the mirror: Allows sims to change the appearance of their puppies, kittens, and spectral cats through mirrors.

stray visitation tuning mod: By default, strays will now be twice as likely to visit your sims. Can be tuned using the following variables:

  • “Min Minutes Between Stray Visits” (default value: 90), the minimum number of in-game minutes that must elapse before the game tries again to schedule a stray visit. I left this as-is.

  • “Max Random Additional Time Interval” (default value: 30), the maximum amount of time that can be tacked onto the "min minutes between stray visits" to delay the game trying to schedule a stray visit (basically, each time the game tells the stray controller how long to idle for before it tries to schedule a stray visit again, it randomly generates a number from 0 to this value and adds it to the "min minutes between stray visits", and that's how long the controller idles for). I left this as-is.

  • “% Chance Stray Visit”, the various probabilities of the game being successful at scheduling a stray visit. I doubled these.

butlers and nannies fill pet dishes: if there is a pet dish in need of filling on the lot, butlers/nannies will now fill it.

pet pregnancy mods:

  • pets try for offspring/runaway: Cats/dogs can now “Try For Puppy/Kitten” without human sim intervention. "Runaway" version also allows the player to direct pets to run away.

  • larger litters: This mod makes it so litters are 5-8 puppies/kittens instead of 1-4 (unless the family is near-full, in which case the litter will cap at however many pets the household is allowed to have added to it).

  • random runaway pet pregnancy: This mod makes it possible runaway pets will return pregnant. The father will be a random stray, and the probability is ~15% (assuming the stray is female, not currently pregnant, and you have a decent number of male strays of the correct species in the stray pool).

guinea pig disease: If a womrat in a dirty cage bites your sim they'll be given a mysterious disease.

no pet runaways: Pets won't run away.

bark/growl/hiss at burglars: Pets can be directed to bark/growl/hiss at burglars if the controlpets cheat is activated.

Family/Gender Mods

reproductive capabilities configurer (V2.03):

This mod comes with the following options for controlling how your sims' gender and sex is expressed in game mechanics:

  • Standard Toggle: Toggle your sims between "can get pregnant" and "can impregnate others".
  • Alien Toggle: If your sim can pregnant, turning this on makes it so they can be impregnated by any sims regardless of the other sim's settings. Similarly, if your sim can impregnate others, turning this on makes it so they can impregnate other sims regardless of the other sim's settings.
  • Infertility Toggle: Sims who are infertile can't become pregnant/impregnate others, even if their partner is an alien.
  • Gender Toggle: Changes the sim's gender flag. This affects a variety of things including who is attracted to the sim, what pronouns are used in chance cards and pop-ups, and which restroom door they can go through.
  • Global Token: Makes it so all sims in the neighborhood are always viewed as having the alien toggle on (i.e. "pregnancy for all").
The adjuster object also has other options for making sims pregnant, terminating pregnancies, etc. Multiple versions are included for maximum chance of compatibility with teen/YA pregnancy mods and bigfoot romance. Compatible with ACR. Comes with plugins to let RCC tokens affect who can get alien pregnant and let the "toggled" setting of the RCC token affect toilet anims. There's also an alternate version of one of the required parts of the mod to let fertility decline with age. Finally there is a cleaned up version of risky woohoo and extra options version of RCC with an accompanying plugin for birth control (risky woohoo but less risky if sim is on birth control) and another alternate version for fertility treatments (give sim higher chance of conceiving/having twins). Also comes with a document that gets in more detail about what this mod does, how to use it, and the differences between the different versions.

Full Documentation (also included in download)
Mediafire / SFS

birth options:

A mod that can generate one of two dialog boxes during birth:

  • If both parents live on the same lot, you get asked which one should get paternal leave.
  • If the parents live in separate families and the other parent’s family is playable you get the option to give the baby/babies to the other parent’s family. Since you can’t get babies to leave the lot normally I had to manually poof them, which makes the parent that just gave birth jump out of the baby-carrying animation, and the babies will appear on the other lot kinda floating weirdly until you hit play, but everything works itself out.
I have to assume this conflicts with mods like TwoJeff’s Triplets and Quads, unfortunately.

baby last name chooser: Allows you to choose whose last name the baby inherits. Must load after birth options if you have both.

step-parents baby wants satisfied: When a baby is born, their parents' spouses will have any get baby wants/fears fulfilled even if they aren't the biological parents so long as they live with the baby, and those spouses' parents will have grandbaby wants fulfilled. Also includes a version that incorporates TwoJeff's baby wants fix (fulfills both "adopt baby" and "have a baby" wants regardless of which event happened) and my adoption memory mod (available separately below, gives DiLight's "adopted!" memory to adoptees upon adoption if you have the memory - if you don't have the memory no harm, it just won't be generated).

give up for adoption + adoption memory mod: Sims who call for adoption with at least one younger-than-teen sim in their household will get a dialog box asking if they'd like to give their child(ren) up for adoption. If "yes" is selected, the social worker will come immediately. Also includes optional custom "gave up for adoption" and "given up for adoption" memories courtesy of sigmundsims which will be given to parents/kids when this mod is used to give the kids up for adoption, and a separate adoption memory mod which will give DiLight's "adopted!" memory to adoptees upon adoption (memory itself not included and must be downloaded from DiLight, incorporates part of TwoJeff's have/adopt child want fix and must load after that mod).

extracted inteen mods:

  • college admissions: sims less than 7 away from getting the option to "grow up" into an adult and have at least a C grade to apply for college.
  • fertility changes with age: sims less than 14 days away from getting the option to "grow up" into an elder will be less likely to conceive and more likely to have twins. Probabilities and threshold age are BCON-tunable. If you have RCC use the appropriate plugin from V2.0 instead.
  • risky honeymoon: if sims don't book a vacation honeymoon, they'll leave for a honeymoon in a limo instead and possible return pregnant. Probabilities are again BCON-tunable.
  • risky runaway: if a teen runs away and you have a mod supporting teen pregnancy the teen has a chance of returning pregnant. Probabilities are BCON-tunable.
  • risky sneak/go out: if two teens go/sneak out and you have a mod supporting teen pregnancy the teens have a chance of returning with one of them pregnant. Probabilities are BCON-tunable.
independent teens: At 7 days to adulthood teens will start being treated by the game like adults, and will revert back to teens at 0 days (when you get the "one day until birthday" notification) in preparation for growing up. There's a BCON value to change the days left in the teen lifestage at which this happens, and another to turn off college notifications.

death by childbirth: sims have a 10% chance of dying in childbirth, which increases by 1% a day once they're 14 days from elderhood. All this is BCON-tunable.

f/m only: NPCs/townies/etc. will generate only as your chosen sex.

Relationship Mods

develop crush: You can direct sims to develop one-sided crush on sims of the same age group (teens to teens or YAs/adults/elders to YAs/adults/elders). Also has a child-enabled version so you can set children as having crushes on each other.

"just be friends" social: A social available for sims with any crush/love flags between them but who aren't going steady/engaged/married. They will use the generic ask animations and then all crush/love flags are cleared.

adults go steady with no adult-enabled teen break-up: Since my "friendly break-ups" mod allows the adult break-up interaction to be used by adults going steady, here's both of syberspunk's original versions, dreadpirate's edited version, and dreadpirate's edited version with marriage-traditional instead of last name chooser, all with extra languages added and the teen break-up social no longer enabled for adults.

go steady memory edit: English "go steady" memory now reads "My sweetie’s all mine now! Is this true love? Time will tell...", instead of saying the sims are still young.

adults can get go steady wants: Enables go-steady related wants for adults if you also have a modified want tree. Removed due to not working as advertised. Read more about alternatives here.

no engagement/marriage wants towards non-crushes/loves: Your sims will not roll wants to get engaged to or marry sims they don’t at least have a crush on. Also incorporates the part of TwoJeff's same sex marriage mod that allows sims to want to get married to sims of the same gender. Must load after TwoJeff's same sex marriage mod.

propose engagement needs sims to be going steady: Sims will only get the option to propose engagement after they have already agreed to go steady.

engagement proposal animation mod: In a vanilla game the proposal animation look different depending on the gender of the proposee; with this mod the proposal always use the animations for a male proposee.

jealousy mod: A mod that takes into account anti-jealousy potions, ACR token settings, and a new no jealousy trait in deciding if a sim should get jealous. If none of the above are found, sims by default get jealous only if they're in a committed relationship (steady/engaged/married) or currently on a date. As well as the new no jealousy trait there's also a complimentary "ask to be in open relationship" social, where two sims in a committed relationship where one or more is eligible for jealousy can talk about opening their relationship. If successful the sims will be given no jealousy traits and/or have their ACR settings changed to "no jealousy".

"ask to leave partner" social: Appears between two sims in love if Sim B is engaged/married to someone else. If Sim B loves their partner and has a stronger relationship with them than Sim A they’ll reject Sim A, otherwise they’ll agree and, if their partner is on the lot, they’ll go break up with their partner right away. There's also an autonomous version, and if done autonomously Sim A's charisma skill and Sim B's logic skill will be taken into account when determining if the social is accepted.

confess to cheating: Appears between two sims in a committed relationship if Sim A remembers having an affair but not getting caught. Leads to a relationship drop (severity dependent on personality, relationship, charisma, and Sim B's past experiences with cheating partners) and application of the the 'caught cheating' memories.

friendly breakup: Sims can breakup regardless of STR/LTR, and also get the breakup option if they are adults going steady or teens that are engaged/married. If the breakup-er has low STR with the breakup-ee it'll be a bad breakup, if they have high STR they'll use OFB lay off employee animations and the breakup-ee will either take it well (high aspiration) or get angry (low aspiration). If they take it well the breakup is a lot less dramatic (no crying, kids reacting, etc). If the two sims live together you'll also get a dialog box asking if you want to move one of the sims out and if so who: this appears regardless of the type and severity of breakup. Includes two BCON variables:

  • “STR” (default value: 0), the minimum STR the breakup-er must have with the breakup-ee to try for a gentle breakup.
  • “Aspiration” (default value: 0), the minimum aspiration value the breakup-ee must have to take the breakup well.
kick out mods (pick one of the following or the combined version):

  • kick out family members: Enables the AL "kick out roommate" social between adults/elders living in the same household if Sim A has a low relationship with Sim B.
  • kick out multiple roommates: Allows you to kick out any currently-selectable roommate. This includes other family's roommates you've made selectable with cheats, but at least it gives you a way to get rid of older roommates if you use Squinge's multiple roommates.
asexual acr plugin: Mod so sims with ACR tokens flagged "no woohoo allowed" won't roll woohoo-related wants.

adult/elder tent woohoo fix: Fixes a Maxis bug where adults couldn't woohoo elders in tents.

cousins not flagged family: Cousins don't get flagged as family.

maxis arch has marhis options: The basegame wedding arch now has the option for a marriage of convenience/polygamous marriage. The social from Marhis’s arch has been modified and included as well to work with maxis arches.

Misc Social/Interaction Mods

  • functional book sculptures: Turns Maxis's book sculptures into functional bookcases. Comes in four versions based on if you want sims to be able to autonomously read from them (ala mrclopes’s mod) and if you have "study all skills from books".
  • study all skills from books: Makes all 7 skills studyable from all bookcases, not just the education career reward. There’s also a version that is compatible with mrclopes’s read books autonomously if it loads after.

no comfort drop when conjuring grilled cheese: Removes the comfort drop from the Freetime "conjure grilled cheese" aspiration benefit.

visitor-enabled join yoga: Enables "ask to join yoga" for visitors so if you ask an unselectable sim to join yoga they'll actually join.

business owners can be baristas: Fixes game bug where if business owners/family members tried to be a barista at the University espresso bar on their owned business lot customers would ignore it.

sims with fire safety extinguish not panic: Sims who've learned fire safety will try to extinguish fire instead of panicking.

Pescado's noeatcrap with hobby enthusiasm dependency: Instead of sims with 2+ sloppy points stopping eating spoiled food now sims with 2+ levels of fitness enthusiasm will stop. Also instead of non-fat sims with 5+ active points stopping eating when full now sims with 5+ sports enthusiasm will stop. There's also an alternate version based on Cyjon's edits.

diary builds creativity + sims won't hide diaries: Sims will build creativity skill with the diary at the same rate as reading a skilling book, and they won't hide their diary and stop writing if other sims are in the room. Sims also won't sit down anyway if you cancel the interaction while they're walking.

no cuddle under stars on floor: Cuddle under stars/clouds now will always force sims to find an area of uncovered terrain.

Chinese food sit down: When sims look for a place to sit after grabbing a box of Chinese takeout they'll check all rooms before giving up and standing.

higher priority homework help: Asking for homework help/offering to help with homework is now given user-driven priority so it won't drop out of the queue as easily.

lower priority activity table: Activity table interactions are lowered, meaning toddlers will stop using the activity table if someone comes to interrupt them (even if they were user-directed to use the activity table). Also stops snuggle from immediately dropping from queue if toddler is using an activity table. Be warned, however, that the time it takes toddlers to exit the activity table basically guarantees the interaction will drop from the queue anyway, so this is not exactly an improvement.

tinker mod: Every time a sim successfully tinkers with an object they'll stave off the next time it breaks.

Social/Interaction Mods: New/More

sell from inventory: Sims can pick objects from their inventory, name a price, and the other sim will accept/reject the sale based on relationship/mood.

toddler smustle: Enabled Baby New Year's toddler smustle for normal toddlers who have learned to walk. Now also with a version for all toddlers regardless of walking ability, and an autonomous version.

cops can fight burglars: Allows sims in the cop career track OR who used to be a cop NPC to fight burglars and regain your stuff.

chastise unlocked: Enables a lecture-type interaction from adults/elders to children/teens they are related to, or toddlers/children/teen if you get the toddler-enabled version. Non-autonomous.

more nagging: Nagging was originally only available for sims with mood below -40 (if 6+ nice points) or below -20. Changes this to below 0 and 20 respectively. Also includes two alternate versions, one where it's available for everyone regardless of mood/STR/LTR and one where it's always available for the player to select but is only autonomous under the conditions it's available in the standard version.

tuck in love/all: Sims can tuck in sims they are in love with. Also comes with unlocked version that unhides it from the pie menu. Also comes with versions that unlock it regardless of if Sim B is a child or related to Sim A.

groom enabled: Fixes the issue where the "groom" interaction was disabled. Conflicts with dreadpirate's personality please mod.

Christianlov's gussy-up plugin updated for seasons/BV: Christianlov's mod to change sims' appearance, outfits, and facial structure, now updated to include outerwear and jewelry and to allow plantsims to change hair.

Christianlov's closet plugin updated for seasons: Christianlov's mod to change sims' current outfit, now updated to include outerwear.

journalists can write restaurant guides: Gives the Freetime restaurant-guide-writing perk to those in the journalism career as well.

practice writing: Contains two mods: one is an edited version of MogHughson's manuscript so sims can "practice writing" with it, another is a global mod so sims can "practice writing" on computers. When sims "practice writing" they won't actually write a novel but they will gain creativity and fun. Comes with a "custom import" package that you can use to add the interaction to Monique's hacked computers (tutorial).

more attractive gaming competitions: Makes gaming competitions a lot more attractive for playful sims.

more computer options: Incorporates both the above mods, plus two new (nonautonomous) options to "find match" (like with the matchmaker NPC) and "do crossword". Practice writing and write novel have been enabled for children/teens.

"feed fish" interaction for all ponds: Makes the koi pond's "feed fish" interaction available on normal ponds. Compatible with child lycanthropy but must load after to function properly.

"coin-tossing" interaction for maxis fountains: Makes the BV coin-tossing interaction available for maxis fountains, excluding the 1x1 fountains and the "Serenity Squared" fountain. Comes with "customimport" package to import into custom non-hacked fountains (tutorial).

listen to music: Sims can already listen to music from their beds, but now they can do it while sitting/standing too. No anims, but does increase music enthusiasm and fun. Includes alternative version that incorporates Cyjon's dance advertising tweaks.

drink without toast: Adds "drink" interaction to the toasting set that allows sims to grab themselves a drink.

set dirty state without debug: Makes the "set dirty state" interaction no longer a debug menu interaction.

test wedding cakes: Allows sims to nonautonomously cut & take slices of cake even if there isn't a party/they didn't just get married.

more autonomous dancing: outgoing sims are now more likely to dance along to live music (played by instruments) than watch. Also includes a "BV dances" version that makes both normal and hula/slap dancing to live music autonomous.

immaturity mods:

  • immaturity for more: Makes it so sims will be viewed as "immature" at 0/-10/-20 aspiration or lower rather than -5/-35/-70; you can tune this using the first three variables in the BCON. Also makes it so instead of needing to be in a specific aspiration interval to perform "immature" actions, sims just need to be at or below that interval.
  • immaturity is childish: Sims with hexagonal-bipyramid​'s childish trait can be viewed as immature regardless of age (otherwise, sim must be toddler/child to be immature). Requires Easy Inventory Check.
  • ruin painting unlocked: Allows you to direct sims to "ruin painting". Both versions require sims to be immature to do it autonomously, "all" allows you to direct any sim to do it "immature" only allows you to direct immature sims to do it.
unlocked interactions:

  • eat trash (requires there be trash in the bin, also that the sim be sloppy)
  • look out window (requires not-high comfort)
  • play with fridge (requires playfulness)
  • sponge bath (requires low hygiene)
baby bottles from mini-fridges: Sims can now grab baby bottles from the university minifridge.

community lot parties: Allows parties to be thrown on community lots.

cyjon's less complaining: This mod but edited so complaining won't happen at home businesses when the business is closed.

squinge's watch kids enabled: This mod but edited to remove relationship requirements (so playable sims can be "hired" to nanny other playable sims' kids if you transfer the money yourself) and allow sims living in apartments to ask people other than their apartment neighbors to watch their kids.

Social/Interaction Mods: Less/Disabled

no autonomous "view": Makes it so sims won't autonomously view objects that use the painting globals (which are also used by sculptures etc.).

no autonomous cockroach killing: A mod so spraying and stomping roaches are no longer autonomous.

playable sims don't clean plates on community lots: A mod so sims from the active family will only autonomously clean plates in residential/apartment/greek house/dorm lots or owned businesses owned by that family.

mop puddles motive advertising mod: Mop puddles now only advertises to bored neat sims and sims with high cleaning skill and low environment score.

social disablers: Three different mods to disable the socials "tell dirty joke", "tell secret", and "gossip".

no cuddle under sheets: Sims won't cuddle under sheets.

Default Replacement Objects

Maxis Buildings Light Up

Default replacements of maxis's neighborhood deco buildings with ousmeo's light-up versions here.

Credits: EAxis for original meshes/textures, ousmeo for making day/night versions of the textures and the fixed meshes that incorporate them

Mediafire / SFS

Default Replacement Tombstone and Urn

- EAxis for the original tombstone mesh, broken urn texture, and whole urn mesh and texture
- CrabOfDoom for finding them and finishing off the remaining mesh/textures

Mediafire / SFS

Maxis Object Add-Ons/Recolors

Repositoried Dresser Add-Ons

- 1 tile Apartment Life Bohemian Dresser of (Almost) Unrequited Fame, 1996 polys (cloned from an Ikea dresser)
- 2 tile Pets Atomic Kids Andromeda Far Out Dresser, 1470 polys (cloned from a Pets dresser)
- 2 tile Family Fun Stuff Fantasy “The Dragon’s Horde”, 1439 polys (cloned from a Pets dresser)
- 2 tile Family Fun Stuff Underwater Aquadresser, 1665 polys (cloned from a Pets dresser)

Credits: EAxis for the original objects.

Mediafire / SFS

Repositoried Lamp Add-Ons

- Apartment Life Tech Werkbunnst Table Lamp, 964 polys
- Teen Style Stuff Elite/Goth/Victorian “Thrice As Nice” Floor Lamp, 708 polys

Credits: EAxis for the original objects.

Mediafire / SFS

AL Tech Add-Ons and Recolors

- 1 tile Apartment Life Werknothom Arch, 152 polys
- 2 tile Apartment Life Werknothom Arch, 152 polys
- Apartment Life Tech Werkbunnst Table Lamp, 964 polys
- 6 recolors for the chair cushions and desktops

Credits: EAxis for the objects.

Mediafire / SFS

Asian Cushion Recolors

Contents: Three recolors of the chair/sofa cushions from the Asian store set to match the set's lamps. Meshes required.

Credits: EAxis for the objects.

Mediafire / SFS

Misc Objects

exnem and numenor's soda machine fixed: Both the original soda machine and Lifa's simlish recolored version (only keep one, though) fixed to be autonomously available to visitors, not viewed as a fridge when sims look for somewhere to store leftovers (doesn't apply to soda machines bought before replacing the old versions with these), have easier routing that allows you to put a wall a tile in front of them, and potentially have a less glitchy menu on community lots.

3t2 Into The Future: Hobbies

Full description at GOS.

3t2 Into The Future: Appliances

Full description at GOS.

3t2 Into The Future: Bathroom

Full description at GOS.

3t2 Into The Future: DR Urnstones

Full description at GOS.

Heget's Computerbooks as Monique Computers

Full description at PBK.

Buyable Canvas & Prints

Maxis's easel canvas and uni camera prints extracted and made buyable. The easel's frame can be recolored with all the freetime frame recolors. They also all come with a default recolor shown above but feel free to replace them and make new recolors.


Build Mode+

A recolor of the sign on sam&skye’s gender neutral restroom door.


Maxis Sidings With Accents

71 maxis sidings with accents on left, right, and both sides. Includes the 4 lost & found M&G walls from above.

Mediafire / SFS

Lost-and-Found Maxis Textures

- 4 M&G walls with clapboards
- 1 TSS carpet to go with the elite set
- 4 BG table recolors

Credits: EAxis for textures.

Walls (Mediafire / SFS)
Carpet (Mediafire / SFS)
Tables (Mediafire / SFS)