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Misc Mods

1t2 burglar music: Default replacement of the music that play when a burglar comes to burgle.

burglary odds tuning mod: Tuning mod to control the frequency of burglaries. By default should double burglaries. The labeled variables are:

  • “Inverse Burglary Odds” (default value: 19), an integer where the higher it is the less burglaries you get. More specifically, the probability of a burglary (given that it’s nighttime, sims are asleep, etc.) is 1/(x+1) where x = “inverse burglary odds”, so the default probability is 1/20 or 5%. As a starting point I decided to double that to 10% (9).
  • “Min Days Between Burglaries” (default value: 6), the minimum number of days that must elapse before the game will allow another burglary (to happen to the same household, I assume). I left it at its default value.
no burglars: Eliminate burglaries.

playable cops: The game will use a playable sim in the law enforcement career track in place of a cop NPC when possible. Also makes sims in the law enforcement career track not panic when they see a burglar.

loud parties tuning mod: Tuning mod to control the frequency of cops breaking up parties. By default makes cops more lenient. The labeled variables are:

  • “% Chance Cops Will Come -1” (default value: 50), the chances that a cop will come if a party is deemed eligible to be broken up. I left this as-is.
  • “Earliest Hour Cops Can Come” (default value: 23), the earliest hour cops can come to break up a party (the latest hour is 6 AM). I changed this to 1 (i.e. 1 AM).
  • “Min # Sims For Loud Party” (default value: 8), the minimum number of sims that must be on the lot/in the apartment for it to be eligible to be broken up. I changed it to 10.
flameproof christmas trees The Christmas trees from the holiday stuff packs are no longer super flammable.

perfect plants if (no) gardening tools: In "perfect plants if gardening tools" having Maxis's gardening tools deco on the lot keeps your plants perfect, in "perfect plants if no gardening tools" the reverse is true and flowers/shrubs maintain perfect condition unless there are gardening tools on the lot.

vomit mod: Sims further than 10 tiles from the toilet have a 50/50 chance of making it. If they don’t make it, a puddle will be created, and it should take longer to mop up. This affects all diseases where vomit is a symptom, because that’s how sims 2 diseases are set up.

"see ghost" and "get new clothing" want/fear disablers: Disables the named want/fears from showing up.

throw party want all residents / party success/failure want all residents: With "throw party want all residents", the generic "throw a party" want will be fulfilled for any resident in the active family when a party is thrown. With "party success/failure want all residents", any resident in the active family will get wants/fears for a successful/failed party fulfilled. Residents must be on the lot and awake for either to count, both mods are compatible with each other.

grad party clothing mod: When a sim throws a graduation party, other graduated YAs living in the same family will dress in graduation robes.

no regen mods:

  • no vacation locals/tourists regen: Game won't automatically generate vacation locals/tourists.
  • no hobby instructors regen: Game won't regenerate hobby instructors when sims are given hobby memberships/plaques. Must load after nohobbyspam, incorporates the part of it that prevents hobby instructors from barging onto the lot to give memberships/plaques.
apartment residents: Apartment residents will be pulled from the townie, service NPC, and downtownie families, ignoring dangerous NPCs and the landlord, cheerleader, and mascots. If a suitable resident is not found in the chosen family, the game will look for one among the normal townies and, failing that, leave the apartment empty. The "NPCs allowed" BCON contains a "# npcs allowed" constant followed by that number of constants, each with an NPC type code for an allowed NPC. The "apartment families" BCON contains the 9 family instances apartment residents will be pulled from: the first three are for low-class lots, next three for middle-class, last three for high-class.

[List of family instances]
  • 7FFF: service NPCs
  • 7FFE: townies
  • 7FFC: downtownies
  • 7FFA: strays
  • 7FF9: adoptable pets
  • 7FF6: garden club members
  • 7FF3: far east locals
  • 7FFF: mountain locals
  • 7FFF: island locals
  • 7FF0-7FE5: tourists
  • 7FE4: hobby mavens
  • 7FE3: gearheads
  • 7FE2: bohemians
  • 7FE1: jocks
  • 7FE0: techies
  • 7FDF: socialites

multiple roommates pay rent: A mod so if you have Squinge's multiple roommates mod the game will factor in the number of roommates you have when calculating rent. Slightly experimental.

no broken plumbing fx: This mod will remove the water-spurting fx from plumbing while still creating puddles.

re-enabled diary textures: Sims' diaries will now use the "book_cover_diaryboy" and "book_cover_diarygirl" textures.

matchmaker name fix: Removes six instances where a Romani slur was used in-game (three wants, the love potion catalog description, an Adventurer chance card, and the dialog box when you pick how much to pay for a blind date).

tree fire fix: Fixes missing animation error that occurs on some trees when they catch fire.

MogHughson's postal system with travel cards added: Replaces two of the resources from MogHughson's postal system so that future creators can make "travel" cards.

crispandkerosene's TwoJeff's Visitor Controller with personality options / TwoJeff's Seasons/BV/FT version, edited: The visitor controller is useful for controlling what sims are allowed to show up on a particular lot, but it also made sims not wear togas for toga parties, come home from work in their casual clothes, used a slur to refer to the matchmaker NPC, and autobanned several NPCs (garden club member, matchmaker, and Mrs. Crumplebottom). I fixed all of that. Must load after Squinge's Watch Kids Enabled if you have that. If you still want some NPCs to be autobanned, you can modify the "Annoying NPC Group" BCON (change the "# in group" value, add that number of values following it, and change each value to the value that corresponds to the NPC you want to autoban.)

[List of NPC values for VC]
  • 1: garden club member
  • 2: matchmaker
  • 3: crumplebottom
  • 4: newspaper delivery
  • 5: mail delivery
  • 6: professors
  • 7: cheerleaders
  • 8: cow mascots
  • 9: llama mascots
  • a: coaches
  • b: streakers
  • c: grand vampires
  • d: charlaton
  • e: head witches

YA/uni lot visitor mods:

  • non-YAs on uni lots: Sims who aren't YAs can appear on lots in uni subhoods.
  • YAs on non-uni lots: Sims who are YAs can appear on lots outside uni subhoods.
  • no YA checks for lot visitors: Combines both of the above mods.
no carpools/buses: Mods to eliminate carpools and/or buses from showing up, so sims will be pushed to walk/fly to and from work/school instead. Also includes a "no coworker uniforms" mod so coworkers brought home from work will be in their everyday. Version labels explained below:
  • "early warnings": notification appears an hour before sim is pushed to walk/fly rather than at the same time.
  • homeworksometimes: incorporates TwoJeff's homework sometimes (which itself includes the same fix as my "higher priority homework help")
  • summervacationwintersday: incorporates Phaenoh's mod of the same name
All versions of "no carpool" also incorporate TwoJeff's "bring home hobby friend fix".

randomizer: Bonzai tree found for 0 simoleons in Gen/Misc which can be used to randomize aspirations, one true hobbies, and zodiac signs for specific sims/classes of sims or the whole neighborhood at once.

BO's no sim loaded: This mod but edited to not fry furious reverse tokens,turn invisible sims visible (sometimes sims actually are supposed to be invisible, and if they aren't there's always the FFS debugger/supernatural transformer to fix it), or make playable sims needs unfrozen (since basically every time my playable sims' needs have been frozen it's because I deliberately used the motivedecay off cheat).
Tags: !defaults, !mods, downloads
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